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Our Security Services

We make your life easier, by explaining all of the different options available to you. We offer a bespoke affordable option to better suit your Requirements and Budgets.


Key Holding, Alarm Response and Vacant Property Inspections (VPI)

bestSometimes having Static guards on your Premises just isn't cost effective. We can also offer tailored packages to suit your budget and requirements. From opening, closing, to Daily/weekly/monthly inspections of your business premises.

We also pride ourselves in having the quickest and best alarm response record. should the alarm sound on your premises we would be there in record time to make sure your business is secure and no thefts are taking place.

We have a 90% success record on catching Thieves in the act which have led to detention and prosecution.




CCTV installation and monitoring Services

With our State-of-the-art Control room, we have the ability to install the most up-to-date CCTV System on your building, and remotely monitor it 24 hours a day.

Get in touch to find out the costs for installation and monitoring, you would be extremely surprised actually how little it costs.





Surveillance and Undercover Services

servailanceTheft from the Workplace in some cases can amount to a high percentage of loss to a business. Not just from Customers but also staff. The resale of stolen goods is big business and estimated to be billions of pounds each year. Sometimes It's hard to pinpoint the ways and means this is done. We have teams in all industry sectors who integrate into your workplace and assess the level of loss.

Our success records has meant many Companies have found and prosecuted thefts within their workplace. With Complete confidentiality and professionalism, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.






Retail Security Officers and meet and greet teams

retail security

Smart, Professional with great customer service skills is a must for us, our staff are the best in the business. Not only is it a deterrent for would be thieves and shoplifters, but by having our staff work within your team with our State-of-the-art Control room, we have the ability to install the most up to date CCTV System on your building, and remotely monitor it 24 hours a day.

Get in touch to find out the costs for installation and monitoring, you would be extremely surprised actually how little it costs.

Residential Security, CPO and PPO teams


Our RST, CPO and PPO teams operate all over the Country. All of our teams are handpicked and undergo further vetting to suit the Client’s needs, professionalism, Confidentiality and experience are key when supplying such a specific role.

We have successfully placed many teams with a myriad of Clients, who have kept the same teams for many years.

Static Guarding

security uk london

We are there to put your mind at ease, by using our Professional Experienced Guards on your premises enables you to sleep well in the knowledge your livelihoods will be there the next day.

We can tailor your needs with many options.

Get in Touch for information.


Events, Festivals, Concerts, Carnivals

festival security

Staples Facilities Management Ltd has been on the Circuit for many years, Our Contracts have grown 60% over the last 6 years and this is down to the Staff we supply to work on these Contracts. Having intelligent, robust, professional Officers has impressed not only our clients and Customers attending our events but also all the multi-agencies involved with the Safety advisory groups in each County who make sure these events are safe and in line with government guidelines.

We can offer the whole package for events which includes Crowd Management, Traffic Management, First Aid provision, Spectator Safety, Event Security, Fire Marshals, Welfare provision etc.


Door Supervision and Late-night Economy

security services

With over 100 Late night economy venues and counting, we have our staff placed on, we understand that by having the best Customer Services skills and the ability to manage conflict by de-escalating situations before they become incidents has proven successful and meant that all staff and Customers on each venue have an enjoyable and safe evening.

Please contact us if you require these services.



Mental Health and Patient Transfer

patient transportWe are Fully insured, trained with a fleet of Vehicles to deliver this service working with NHS and Private medical facilities.

With the intensive training our teams are put through we are able to provide a service that shows empathy, humility and takes the stress out of looking after vulnerable adults and children whilst in our care.


Consultation and Vulnerability assessments

serThrough working closely with the Safety Advisory Groups in various Councils we are able to offer a full package for your event needs. Whatever the size of your event we are able to create all the documentation you require so that everything is covered and your event is safe and successful. We can Also offer site visits and assessments to ascertain your vulnerabilities on sites, events, etc.

with our experience, we can offer workable solutions to make sure you meet the conditions on your license.

Security Training

security trainingWe provide full training and cover all of the SIA requirements to deliver the training required to legally carry out the roles in each area, working closely with our Awarding body

We offer further training to build the skill sets of our teams to suit the needs of the different sectors we work in. this includes First aid training, Mechanical Restraints, Pain Compliance, Mental health, and Driving amongst many other exciting courses.
Read more about our training here



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